Questions to ask when dating a new guy

by  |  15-May-2020 12:40

[Read: What to talk about on a first date] [Read: Six great conversation starters] The five date questions Once you’ve read those two links we’ve given above, you would be a sophisticated, smooth talker who can charm any date in no time, we assure you!

Truth or Dare is a great game to get to know your friends and have some fun!

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Are Celebrities Appropriate Role Models For Your Generation?

Do You Snore Or Steal The Covers Or Roll Around In Your Sleep?

Have You Ever Been Hit By A Girl And A Guy At The Same Party?

Do You Ever Feel As Though Your Partners Are Too Distant?

As much as a date is about questioning and interrogating each other, it’s also a lot more about keeping the conversation going and having a great time.

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