Reported teen dating violence in oklahoma

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However, more needs to be done and everyone needs to get involved. All submissions should be no more than 400 words and e-mailed to [email protected]

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The Injury Prevention Service collaborates with the Oklahoma Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault and the Oklahoma Sexual Violence Prevention Advisory Committee to promote sexual violence prevention throughout the state.

The Injury Prevention Service administers a sexual violence prevention program that focuses on primary prevention in K-12 schools, colleges and universities, faith communities, and the media.

Each contractor uses the State Assessment and Comprehensive Plan for Sexual Violence Prevention in Oklahoma for 2010-2015 as their guidance.

Use the interactive map below to learn more about prevention efforts in your community, how you can become involved and how you can contact a Sexual Violence Prevention Educator in your area.

Programs that do show promise focus on healthy relationships education of youth 10-24 years of age and bystander intervention strategies for persons of all ages.

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