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In Pennsylvania, for example, poll watchers must be formally certified by the local election board and must be registered voters in the county where they are working.

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Reallivecam video - Republicans intimedating voters

Lawyers for the DNC asked the court to rule that Trump, Stone, and the GOP are violating both the Voting Rights Act and the 1871 Ku Klux Klan Act, and to issue an order restraining the voter intimidation through November 8.

On Friday, the federal judge did just that, ordering both Stone and the Trump campaign to cease their planned voter suppression tactics.

Scared SWAMP drafts new WIKILEAKS LAW as a non-state hostile intelligence service.

The Swamp is now so scared it has drafted a 'Wiki Leaks' law.

In Ohio, a federal judge on Friday issued a temporary restraining order against Trump's campaign and his friend and informal adviser, Roger Stone, barring them from harassing or intimidating Ohio voters during Tuesday's election.

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