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caused a sensation when it debuted in movie theatres in 1977.The film’s earthy dialogue, gritty story, and throbbing disco music permeated American pop culture for years.

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Lipinski first came to national prominence when she won the 1994 U. Olympic Festival competition, which at the time was a junior-level competition.

She became the youngest ladies figure skating gold medalist as well as the youngest athlete in any discipline to win gold. After a fifth-place finish at the 1996 World Junior Championships, Lipinski changed coaches, joining Richard Callaghan in Detroit.

Her first major competition was the 1990 Eastern Regional Championships for roller skating where she finished second.

At the 1991 United States Roller Skating Championships, she won the primary girls freestyle as a nine-year-old.

The movie’s soundtrack with music by Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb – The Bee Gees – became one of the top selling soundtrack albums of all time.

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