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The original version of the long-running game show, hosted by veteran host Bob Eubanks.Newlywed husbands and wives would take turns answering (often risque) questions while their spouses ...

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"This kind of case is something I've never experienced, hope to never again.

I just want to say I hope these families find some peace and solace for these inexplicably brutal and horrific acts," Wittner said, according to the Journal.

Her body was found in Westchester County, not far from her family's estate.

(CNN) -- Before he was a convicted serial killer, Rodney Alcala was a winning bachelor on "The Dating Game." "Oh yeah, I remember it quite clearly," said Jed Mills, the game-show contestant who sat next to Alcala in 1978. Definitely creepy." Found guilty in February of murdering four women and a child, Alcala, 66, is acting as his own attorney in the penalty phase of the trial.

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