Adult flirt cams free - Russiadating space

by  |  23-May-2020 18:51

If you do, you probably already know that Russia is a very special country with some very special people.

We collected for you the most special photos from the Russian dating sites.

A young man in a wifebeater and bandana wields an AK47 in his right hand and a vacuum cleaner in his left. Buzzfeed’s latest detour into the wacky world of kerraaazy Russia™ has been something of a viral hit: 28,000 Facebook shares may not be a record, but it’s pretty good from where I’m standing.

The photostory’s success can be attributed to its fusion of two viral favourites: the dating site freakshow and Mother Russia, the inscrutable and inebriated land of dashcams and dancing bears.

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