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Every other week, this class will meet jointly with a faculty reading group convened on the same topic; these salons are designed to expand the conversation, multiply its possible directions, and enhance graduate/ faculty exchange and mentorship on campus.Began his acting career in theatre, and his stage credits include "Live Acts on Stage" (directed by Michael Gow), the Sydney Theatre Company's "Blackrock" (directed by David Berthold), and "Herbal Red" (directed by Marion Potts).

We've heard that Freya's character Emilia will bring up a lot of baggage for Michael! "Emilia certainly knows a lot more about Michael and his late wife than anyone else, and he is scared about what she will reveal to Tash.

Michael has never really spoken to Tash about her mother.

"The rivalry sort of disappeared when Rebecca left.

The Winton Chair in the Liberal Arts was established in October 1987 to encourage “innovative, distinctive research in the liberal arts” with the special directive that the chair be held by individuals whose research or creative work “questions established patterns of thought.” The benefactors, David Michael Winton and Penny Rand Winton, expressed interest in supporting individuals whose work challenges cultural paradigms and represents important breaks from dominant patterns of thought. She holds a Ph D in English, with a focus in ethnic and third world Literature, from the University of Texas at Austin.

In the aftermath of her saucy photos causing a stir in Erinsborough, Tash decides to spray derogatory graffiti about herself all over Ramsay Street - well aware that Michael will be devastated on her behalf when he spots it.

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