Scrubs dating

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For the rest of us, it can be a shock to see your man turn into a child before your very eyes. " then he clearly isn't paying attention to you like a good boyfriend should. Tell him to quit the hook-up apps or you're quitting him.

Here's the ultimate man-child checklist for signs he needs to go. Don't believe the "I'm just looking for new friends! Is he always broke because he spent his last dollars on a new pack of cigs?

Jeeesh, that’s so old, they might as well call themselves scrubs for using it. Some immigrant who just saw an old TLC song and they thought they are smart using that and think they got game?!

Make one look stupid saying something like that in these times. Hence the word that is about gaming a girl, a guy, which is why TLC used it So whoever uses that today, then what are they? They must be some teenager or way behind their times to use that kind of word.

think of all the unsexy things that are sexy when wrapped around or placed near the right person of the opposit sex. Being just new on here I hope this what I should but just like some of the looser clothes on women scrubs can really get the imagination going especially when certain parts of the lady just touch and hint at things unseen lol I wear them too, not sexy haha, but damn comfy, I wouldn't change it for the world, with all the lifting and moving, bending and everthing that goes with my job I need to have something with room to they def are comfy and you get very spoiled to them but I guess I can also see the guys thing as far as wondering whats under them since you cant see any shape , lol in my profile I have a pair of scrubs on well the bottom anyway and I was blown away by how many guys just by seeing the bottoms knew they were scrubs .. LOL On the other hand, I wore them almost every day for about twenty years, but covered by a lab coat out on the hospital floor. It takes a really self assured and sexy woman to look just as good in a pair of scrubs, pajama pants, or even jogging pants.

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