Security exchange not updating

by  |  24-Dec-2019 19:45

After upgrading, follow the steps in the Workaround section to clear out old rulesets.

Workaround Clear out the rules and restart IIS (for Exchange 2000/2003) or restart the Microsoft Exchange Transport service (for Exchange 2007/2010/2013). Stop the following Windows Services: Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Symantec Mail Security Utility Service 2.

I can see that the last update attempt is run but the virus definitions date aren't always updated to the latest available.

Perform the following steps to check the date/time of the bm_ruleset folders: 1.

Open Windows explorer to the following directory: 32-bit Operating System default: C:\Program Files\Symantec\SMSMSE\ is the version of SMSMSE installed.

Symantec EP and Backup System Recovery 2010 are also installed on this machine and both seem to update fine on their own, just seems to be SMSMSE.

I've already put into place the SMSMSE service restart task as suggested by some of the Symantec KB but that doesn't seem to be fixing the issue.

SMSMSE 6.0.8 and earlier or running SMSMSE 6.0.9 and later on 32-bit system SMSMSE shares the definitions downloaded by SAV/SEP client. Configure SMSMSE not to download virus definitions using this article: Configuring Live Update when Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange and Symantec Anti Virus Corporate Edition or Symantec Endpoint Protection are installed together Note: The optional Rapid Release updates for SMSMSE require FTP access to the internet Live Update source servers.

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