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For the fairer sex, matchmaking apps have been a boon for taking control of their marital destinies.Several million women in India have downloaded these applications, preferring them over blind meetings set up by well-meaning friends and family.A global holiday capital, Goa is a place where the young and the hip come to party and have a good time.

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In the top rank among the tier-II cities are Jaipur, Surat and Lucknow.

Despite the social stigma that still surrounds the market, Indian audiences are beginning to see this sector as essential and not just something frivolous.

Gujarat leads in the number of adult game sales in India with 17 percent, while Goa notched 14 percent of the total purchase of massage oils, according to a new study conducted by Thats, an online adult store, offering a range of sex products, sex toys and personal care products.

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