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When a large change happens in your life, you can expect to feel as if the floor has fallen out from under you.

This meetup is open to anyone struggling with divorce and invites them to come so that they don’t have navigate this pain alone. Whether you’re newly divorced or not, this group is open to all fathers who have dealt with divorce. ) offers emotional support and friendship to fellow dads who are going through the same experience.

They bond, enjoy cigars, and aim to meet once a month in Irvine as well as engage in fun events like mixers and barbeques. This group specifically for divorced mothers who are looking to connect and fellowship with other single moms.

We have programs to provide an open door to teens who may not have an adult to answer questions, and to the adults who may not have all the answers.

Participants are able to anonymously call, text, or live chat their sexual and reproductive health questions for confidential, real-time answers from expert health educators. Learn More Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernardino Counties offers in-person, comprehensive, and educational classroom presentations that align with the requirements of the California Healthy Youth Act.

Our innovative educational programs provide young people with the information they need to make healthy decisions, and empower teachers, parents, professionals, and caregivers with the necessary tools to have honest discussions with the young people in their lives Young people benefit from access to facts and information about their own bodies.

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