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Thai guys tend to use it after some small talk of 1-2 sentences but as a foreigner, it’s okay to start with it right away That’s what I mean when I earlier said some of these pick up lines are totally different to the ones you may know from your home country.

Although Thai women are often unfairly stereotyped in the western media, they are seen as particularly attractive.

But the sexy tag may stem from the reputation of Thailand and Bangkok in particular as centres of illicit sex.

Nobody can dispute that Thai women are amongst the most beautiful in the world. FHM, the international men's magazine annually rates scores of sexy Thai women including models and actresses among the Top 100 in the world.

It is certainly true that Bangkok , since the 1960's and the U. Many of the sexy looking Thai women on internet dating sites such as Thai Love have university educations, many with masters and doctorate degrees.

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