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I have the jquery files loaded in edit mode on a Share Point 2013 publishing site.However, when there are custom scripts written with jquery in the master page, they don't run. Currently, our Share Point farm has restricted conditions as below Shared folder is not allowed FTP/SFTP is not allowed FILESTREAM is not allowed SMB protocol is not allowed Using Failover Clustering ...After adding "List Added Event Handler" to our Share Point 2010 feature to update the list properties after listed created, we run into major issue during any list or document library creation by choosing below templates. SPException: Save Conflict Your changes conflict with those made concurrently by another user.

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When the page is created in PS, event receiver also fires and updates the list item.

Then when PS try to update the lists item Share Point throws an error since it is trying to perform an operation on a SPList Item that has been modified. System Update() method updates the database with changes made to the list item without changing the Modified or Modified By fields. System Update(bool increment List Item Version) method will not even increment the item version.

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Microsoft Share Point is a platform and a family of software products developed by Microsoft for collaboration ... I am attempting to send a JSON file to a Sharepoint Server. I need to add new event receiver to exist Share Point solution. But I don't see new feature on Manage Features page in Site Settings. I have created a caml query for fetching data in sharepoint application. I am not getting the data at the time of executing this query because "#" is preset in the ...

I can’t be sure what Word 2013 is trying to do when it has only number choices but we can add a text choice so Word 2013 treats them all as text.

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