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Better known as Sukish, this adorable couple met on the sets pf "Pyaar Ki Yeh Ek Kahaani".

Ann Coulter on the red carpet for the presitgious Time 100 Gala, held at the Frederick G Rose Hall in New York City.

After spending a decade in the television industry, Krystle told IANS that she will think about Bollywood if something big comes up.

"I have never specifically planned these things, by the grace of God they have all just fallen in place at the right time. Krystle also talked about her 'transformation' when she plays the role of a .

So I'm going with the flow of things I'm sure if something on the big screen comes my way I'll take the leap. That's when I have to wear brown lenses to cover my green eyes, colour my hair dark, wear saris and surprise myself that I can pull this off too. I love all my characters and love being the simple Now Virat may not be an actor, but this beloved celebrity couple met on the sets of a shampoo commercial.

While soon afterwards rumours mills churned out stories about the two dating, it did not gain any ground until Anushka's car was seen picking up Virat from the airport after the Indian cricket team after a South Africa tour in January 2014 and dropped him at her apartment.

No matter how much you make the world a part of your life through social media, it's never enough. It's their never-ending love for me that wants to know every detail of my life possible.

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