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With these devices, however, it's buyer beware.

That's because low-cost security cameras can sometimes be a window letting hackers into your home."Cheap webcams are mostly from untrusted sources, without any protection or very limited protection,” says Steven Chen, CEO of PFP Cybersecurity, a company that provides early warning security services for all sorts of Internet-connected devices and services companies.

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Cisco says it could amass some 50 billion devices by 2020.

Along the way, a great many of those products will have poor software and lax security.

Welcome to Sri Lanka’s Premier Astrophotography Portal!

======================================================================== **WHAT’S NEW** Nothing much to do with AP these days due to bad weather conditions…Therefore I have added a new page called “My Toy Drone”!

Not quite related to AP, but I think you will enjoy some of my budget areal photos taken with a toy-grade quadcopter.

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