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For example, clients can move the computer to a public room or install software that blocks access to adult sites.

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Woman beats robbery suspect with his own gun Three thrift store employees overpowered a robber who was wielding a shotgun in Long Island — including a woman who grabbed the weapon and beat the robber about the head with it, cops and witnesses said Sunday. Brought to you by Patricia's - Where fun and fantasy meet and Country Rock Cabaret - the newest “Adult” Party Club in Sauget, Illinois! Louis man was charged in connection with driving a car and striking three protesters during a march for a transgender woman who was shot and killed by police earlier this week, authorities said on Thursday...

Louis, so he cannot get health insurance through his work. Louis, so he can use the temporary Gateway to Better Health program, which covers his preventive care.

But it’s not “health insurance” per se—if he’s ever admitted into a hospital, he’ll probably have to pay out of pocket.

Many, including Carter, turn to publicly funded health clinics like Affinia for care, where they can see a doctor for a small fee.

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