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I was checking some blog stats and noticed this particular post had a lot of hits and so checked it out.It dawned on me that it had all the hits because of Valentine's day. One update, the friendship I describe in this piece is still just as crazy.

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Raphael persuades a young man named Tobiah to marry Sarah, assuring him that he will not be the demon's next victim.

Tobiah follows Raphael's directions for driving the demon away, then he and Sarah pray together for God's mercy and deliverance.

But after that eighth wedding, I started wondering when it'd stop happening for people like me and actually happen for me. While I was moaning something along these lines to a co-worker, she said, "I have this really cool prayer to St. (I didn't.) I say that because it was like a spiritual whack on the side of the head, letting me recapture something of God's vision for marriage.

After all, I had prayed, discerned, consulted my spiritual director. Raphael — I'll give you a copy." I thanked her, hesitating to ask the obvious: If this prayer is so great, why are you still single? This little-known prayer is derived from the Book of Tobit.

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