State laws mandating clinical trial reimbursement

by  |  07-Nov-2019 07:30

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Clinical trials have become an essential component of modern medical care.

The breakneck speed of medical advances and the increased effort to base clinical decisions on reliable evidence place clinical trials in an ever more prominent position between medical innovation and medical practice.

Many organizations face challenges when it comes to reimbursement for treatment associated with clinical trials.

At the Association for Community Cancer Centers 40th Annual National Meeting, David Evans, RN, MSN, MBA, of Washington University School of Medicine, Siteman Cancer Center, was asked to discuss some of the top reimbursement issues and some strategies for how to address them.

After implementation of the coverage policies in 1999 in four states, there was a 21.7% (95% CI = 3.8% to 42.6%) annual increase in phase II trial enrollment in coverage states, compared with a 15.6% (95% CI = 8.8% to 21.8%) annual decrease in noncoverage states (P A PDF file should load here.

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