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PTRs are common among newer Blizzard titles and are used to beta test new game elements such as new maps, raids, or heroes.This patch sets up a PTR for for the first time and developers will begin by using it to test Map Pools for 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, 4’s and Free-for-All.

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Part of the reason I’m taking so long is, of course, drawing images of all the new charges we’ve accepted since the Nineties; but I’m also redrawing many of the original images.

Partly because, in some cases, I never liked the original drawing and I can do it better now; and in some cases, because subsequent rulings have made my drawings, if not unacceptable, still not something I’d advocate folks use.

I was upset by this discovery but let it go, leaving it to some one-time glitch.

But when I logged again, the configuration never to be updated that I set my Firefox version 16.01 to was again configured to having the browser updated.

Since Warcraft III came out when Windows XP was the OS of choice, it only made sense to update it for Windows 10 and the latest release of Mac OS X because the game is still widely played among Blizzard fans.

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