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Does the work of Zephaniah belong to the earlier or the later period?

His grandfather, Manasseh, has been vilified as a very bad king in the Scriptures and Josiah's father Amon reigned only for two years before being assassinated by the people and Josiah put on the throne. The words of Zephaniah reflect the faithless practices of the people from the time of Manasseh which Josiah later in his reign tried to correct by setting up sweeping reforms.

The spoken oracles could have been in the period 635-625 BCE and later they were taken up and put into present written form.

The three chapters which make up the Book of Zephaniah contain all the major themes of the bigger prophetic books: judgement because of apostasy (going after pagan gods) and because of unjust practices, a call to repentance, judgement of foreign nations, the Day of the Lord, indictment of the leaders, judgement against Jerusalem followed by transformation and salvation for the city and people.

Rex Mason thinks it is 'one of the most politically, socially and religiously radical of the prophetic books of the Old Testament.' (Mason: 55)The superscription (Zephaniah 1:1) sets the time in the first part of the reign of Josiah.

For how long he continued his prophetic activity we do not know, but it is not improbable that, as in the case of Amos, his public activity was short, and that, after delivering his message of judgment in connection with a great political crisis, he retired to private life, though his interest in reforms may have continued (2Ki 23:2).

The dating of the book of zephaniah

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