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Kirkpatrick and his wife, Karly, are expecting their first child in October.

One pictures showed Silas smiling straight into the camera as his dad holds him up.

There is another pic of a penis but that's it -- there's no torso, no face ...

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The case has been pending for over a year and the music producer had the majority of the divorce papers sealed.

According to documents filed earlier this month the music mogul’s lawyers at the firm Carlton Fields hit Timbaland with a charging lien for unpaid invoices totaling over $440,000.

The world went abuzz when this power couple tied the knot in a stunning Italian villa in Florence.

The 16th-century fortress, Forte di Belvedere, which costs more than $400,000 to rent for a day, was originally commissioned by the powerful Medici family in 1590.

Music producer Timbaland, born Timothy Zachery Mosley, has been accused of screwing over his divorce lawyers to the tune of $440,000 - and now the law firm has slapped him with a lien against his $5 million Florida mansion, Daily has learned.

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