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Bonine then identified eleven specific rules that Officer Kleinpeter had purportedly found were violated. At the hearing, the LHSAA not only failed to call Kleinpeter, it failed to provide Curtis with a copy of the report.

The report was not introduced at the hearing, and its contents remained unknown to Curtis.

It’s a funny show set mainly inside a West Indian hair salon in Toronto called Letty’s, which sounds like it could be a very sitcom-ish premise, but it’s a single-camera show, there’s no laugh track, and greater emphasis is placed on character development than punchlines.

follows the lives of Novelette and Joy, two sisters from Jamaica who run the salon, Novelette’s son Dre, and their employees Nigel, the womanizer, and Starr, who struggles with being the only non-Jamaican woman in the place.

When I originally wrote it, it was supposed to be a one-woman show. When we did it at the Fringe, it was actually cast with six women. Then it went to Passe-Muraille and to Mirvish, but in between that we also did the New York Fringe and the Atlantic Fringe Festival at Harbourfront Centre. I think I’ve encouraged at all of my shows from everyone who has followed my career that even though I am on stage, we are all engaging and participating.

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