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Since then, she has released five moderately successful studio albums.XXL Magazine calls her "the most consistent female rapper of all time".Luda's hallmark is his lyrical humour, complimented by his blistering, untameable flow.

With three Grammy wins and nine BET Awards to his name, it's been made clear that Ludacris' distinctly southern sound, parasitic hooks, and comedic wordplay are a deadly combination.

Paired more often than not with the incredible production talents of any number of the myriad beat makers Luda has on speed dial—Timbaland, Bangladesh, Lil Jon, to name a few—and just like that, he's racked up another bonafide banger.

) And the head so vicious With me this shit gon' cost You short then that's your loss You know this ass is soft Make a nigga go to breaking off Tell me that you love me baby And get high and fuck me crazy Get a towel and wipe me off You want a bitch with no type of flaws My girls be shopping hard These hoes be buying cars In the club buying bars Nipples hard in designer bras All my niggas who getting cheese Throwback and the crispy G's Moet, Cris on freeze Laugh at a tab cuz this on me Me and Luda in a cut supreme Doing things just to touch the creme So many names wanna fuck the Queen I live a life like its just a dream UH! Give me the beat then I'mma make it bump Tell me what you wanna hear damn yes it can Trouble with your man I'mma pop my trunk You ain't seen no chicks like mine You ain't seen no flicks like mine Gonna make you (UGH!

I want my ass smacked Ludacris: Legs wide Trina: Front back Ludacris: Side to Side Trina: Pussy wet Ludacris: Slip-N-Slide Yup everything gon' be al-right [Trina] Wait bitch I'mma blow my kisses Get pissed and throw my dishes Y'all niggas know just who this is (WHOOP WHOOP!

her ex Lil' Wayne (who currently has a girlfriend named Dhea) misses her.

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