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Natomiast w konkursie krajoznawczym dobrze spisała się uczennica Aleksandra Mikitiuk, która zajęła IV miejsce.W ramach zlotu zwiedzano Gniezno, Imiołki, Lednicki Park Krajobrazowy oraz Biskupin.From October 1983 to July 1984, he spent £6,797 (almost £20,000 today) — £4,868 on food and £1,928 on drink — while entertaining.

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In the museum, you will see a collection of the finest Belleek every produced over the last 159 years – from domestic and toiletry wares to earthenware.

The Belleek Visitor Book (1868-1884) is a popular attraction here as it records the visit of The Earl & Countess of Spencer, the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland and his wife in 1870.

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He appealed to well-wishers for equipment such as Portakabins or skips.

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