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We’re currently beta testing Ever Web version 2.0, but in the meantime we’re so excited about it that we wanted to share some things about the upcoming release with you!

Artifacts you attach to your portfolios are stored within the appropriate section: Files, Items, or Websites.

This allows you to use the same artifact in multiple portfolios.

This headline feature will be available to Ever Web Hosting users and for those of you who have your own Hosting provider.

There’s also great support for i Web and Word Press users included.

i Web was a template-based WYSIWYG website creation tool developed by Apple Inc.

Updating a hyperlink in iweb

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There are other kinds of relationship that can constitute part of a polyamorous situation, such as a peer relationship with someone you feel bonded to, that you take into account when you are making life plans, and who you have deep emotional sharing with—but for whatever reason, it is not a sexual relationship.…
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