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by  |  14-May-2020 07:12

I thought maybe it was the application pool identity, so I created a new application pool called oab and moved the oab virtual directory to it, then assigned it to run as Local System, and SYSTEM has read access to C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Exchange OABa81e981-4355-47f0-99e0-ac7e15f197ae\ If I run the application pool as Network Service, when I try to directly access an LZX file or xml file within the Exchange OAB web directory, I get file not found 404...

If you activate the Address by Effective Date constant in the Address Book Constants program (P0000), you must run the Effective Address Update program (R01840) periodically to ensure that the system is using the current date when you send correspondence, billing, payments, and other mailings.

Address book records are not updated with new addresses unless you run this program.

I've tried my credentials, domain admin credentials, and nothing but http 401.1.

I've verified the permissions on the file on the Exchange server, verified permissions in IIS 6.0 and things look OK.

I noticed that a new email address was not showing up in the global address list in Outlook 2010 for a few executives.

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