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updating mysql data with php-6

X:\wamp Dont install it into Program Files, it will install there, but it adds unnecessary directory complexity and can cause problems as there is a space in that directory name.

Remember, Apache/PHP/My SQL was ported from Unix and Unix does not like spaces in directory or filenames.

Its been a week and APP LIKE has already reached a whooping number of one million downloads, a by product of Asia’s biggest live streaming APP company, BIGO LIVE, which is already enjoying 200 million downloads since its very launch.

If you are upgrading to WAMPServer 3 from WAMPServer 2.5 then please read WAMPServer 3 All you need to know as you can upgrade WAMPServer 2.5 to WAMPServer 3.0.3 directly insitu.

My Sqli offers two ways to connect to the database, procedural and object oriented, the recommended way to open a database connection is object oriented way, because it is secure, faster and efficient.

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