Validating birthdate to be greater than 18 years pregnancy calendar dating

by  |  05-May-2020 17:08

The only problem to me, is the User Interface - how you send out the error message elegantly to the user.

If there is a age limit and the visitors age is not more than the age limit we can then disallow entry.

var day = $("#dob Day").val(); var month = $("#dob Month").val(); var year = $("#dob Year").val(); var age = 18; var mydate = new Date(); Full Year(year, month-1, day); var currdate = new Date(); Full Year(Full Year() - age); var output = currdate - mydate if ((currdate - mydate) Well yeah, but I mean by turning off JS completely.

I'm getting a little confused on how to properly go about validating the input for this.

Still quite amateur-ish with Laravel, so excuse me if this is relatively easy.

I was working on a project and needed a way to make sure a user was at least 18 years old before submitting a form.

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