Validating data migration antique dating knife

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To help, I've compiled a list of 'must-do' activities that ​I've found to be essential to successful migrations.

It's not a definitive list, you will almost certainly need to add more points but it's a great starting point.​Please critique it, extend it using the comments below, share it, but above all use it to ensure that you are fully prepared for the challenging road ahead.

Before diving into the detail, a bit of background - Valiance Partners has tested hundreds of data and content migrations, primarily in FDA regulated industries (pharmaceuticals, medical devices, bio-technologies and food products), manufacturing and autos.

The information presented here includes some of the lessons learned from our clients’ quality control and the actual error history from testing the migrations of hundreds of thousands of fields and terabytes of content.

TIP: Data Quality plays a pivotal role to this checklist so be sure to check out Data Quality Pro, our sister site with the largest collection of hands-on tutorials, data quality guides and expert support for Data Quality on the internet.

Most data migration projects go barreling headlong into the main project without considering whether the migration is viable, how long it will take, what technology it will require and what dangers lie ahead.

It makes perfect sense to inform the relevant data stakeholders and technical teams of their forthcoming commitments before the migration kicks off.

Validating data migration

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