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by  |  06-Nov-2019 17:21

It might seem that getting a casual sex is not a problem: lots of singles visit bars and clubs and they are supposed to be open to new experience and encounters. For sure, you might meet someone and agree on a closer interaction immediately.But as a rule, you should go all the way of rejections and frustrations before you manage to have a discreet encounter with an attractive partner. From now on, anyone may register on the site, fill in a profile – and start looking for a hookup.

Japan is on one helluva streak -- Super Nintendo, sushi, the samurai sword, and now ...

virtual reality sex robots that pleasure men while they watch porn!

And Ba Doink also offers a free set of cardboard goggles to house a smartphone for viewing “virtual reality” videos.

The company recently took to the streets of San Francisco with an Oculus Gear VR headset and smartphone loaded up with their videos and got some interesting reactions from people watching VR porn for the first time (no porn footage is actually shown but the people are talking about what they are seeing).

But so far, no one has come close to translating the cultural relevance of Grindr—the wildly successful location-based hook-up app for gay men—to the hetero population.

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