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by  |  15-Sep-2019 15:16

The hacker managed to hack into her internet service accounts, such as Gmail, Hotmail, and gaining her Apple ID, via the simple technique of spear phishing.

The hacker managed to message Zedevile via a Facebook friend, manipulating her through a tricky message that asked for her details by creating a realistic situation similar to “I’m stuck with my email” or “This is an emergency, I need your email and password that I’ll give back in 2 minutes.” The girl naively replied, trusting her ‘friend’ and gave over the one email she rarely used.

A PERVERTED Beith babysitter who exposed himself to an underage girl on a web cam from another room in his house while he was looking after her has been spared jail for abusing her and another youngster.

Craig Macmillan could have been caged for up to five years for an eight-year reign of terror against her and another youngster.

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Macmillan, 43, got hold of the first youngster’s email address when she was just 14 and hounded her for a video chat.

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