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Bobbi Kristina remains in a coma, and her grandmother, Cissy Houston, said in April that her granddaughter had suffered “irreversible brain damage.” Though drug use has not been confirmed, Halperin quotes sources saying a suicide attempt was unlikely because of the temperature of the water.

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Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston are often revered as two of the greatest entertainers in music history. During an interview before she died, Houston recalled how Jackson "pulled out all of the stops" when she visited his home, the Neverland ranch, which included sending a helicopter to pick her up and a coach and buggy to pick her up from the gates.

The two pop and R&B icons, who always spoke highly of each other, are considered music royalty. "He is the greatest entertainer I've ever seen in my life," Houston said.

He blames himself — for his drinking, drugging, cheating and general bad behavior that once put him in jail — but he also blames others for the tragedies that have befallen him and his family: Houston herself, her Houston relatives, and Nick Gordon, the ex-boyfriend of "Krissi," as he called his daughter, whom Brown, 47, thinks might have had something to do with her death.

The book (Dey Street/Harper Collins, $26.99), written with Nick Chiles and containing contributions from various friends and relatives, will be published Monday.

Just simply because in some odd way I've been able to walk in their shoes or to see …

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