Who is channing tatum dating right now

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The real-life couple had an enjoyable time improvising on set. It was sort of like we got to go to the set and just play.” She told Wonderwall: It was really just that we started [our relationship] working together, so we already knew that we work well together.But we didn’t really put this grand [emphasis on it] like, ‘Oh my goodness, this is the next time we’re gonna be seen together in a film.’ We didn’t put that kind of pressure on us or on the movie, which I think was really good.

No worries -- we're here to remind you of all your favorite lost loves.

Some are so brief, we can forget about them altogether.

But Jason Derulo is officially off the market after revealing he has a secret girlfriend - and is determined to keep the romance low-key. I've been trying to.'Referring to his very public relationship with American Idol winner Sparks, he continued: 'I'm trying to do it different this time because every other time, it didn't work.'But despite being in a committed relationship, Jason revealed he is still receiving a lot of attention from his hordes of female admirers - with many sending him X-rated texts.

The Ridin' Solo hitmaker, 27, previously was embroiled in a very public break-ups with fellow singer Jordin Sparks and busty model Daphne Joy but is 'trying to do it different this time'. Talking to the New York Post's Page Six, Jason added: 'I get all kinds of girls busting it wide open...

doing things, playing with things.'They're doing videos where there's like one thing moving and then the rest of the video is a still. New s**t is on the horizon.' Jason and Jordin dated for three years and were even engaged, but went their separate ways in 2014.

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