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Another reason is the complexity of Enya’s sound: it’d be very difficult and expensive to reproduce her songs live.

"I didn’t know about the longevity of my career, so we weren’t thinking about hiring a full orchestra and choir to play all the different parts.

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If you’ve ever heard a song in the background of a movie, and thought ‘wow, how ethereal that sounds,’ then you were probably listening to Enya’s work.

Her Celtic roots can often be felt in her music; along with a few new elements from around the world, which she incorporates with each new album.

The term FAQ is used very loosely as some of those question are less than frequent to say the least. Enya’s first name is spelled Eithne and pronounced "ehn-ya".

or at least until this overgrown FAQ section was born.

At one point, she had a dozen of the furry friends.

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