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LOCATION: Cromwell Avenue, Los Angeles, CAPRICE: ,500,000SIZE: 7,065 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 5.25 bathrooms DESCRIPTION: Classic Spanish Andalusian Mansion built in 1926 by architect Harry Hayden Whiteley, restored to 2007 standards.Very private, gourmet kitchen, huge gardens, room for a pool, theatre…Views to ocean and mountains, gated at the street…2-story hand painted ceiling and arches in entry restored, all systems are new as well as roof. YOUR MAMAS NOTES: This morning we bring you the house of another former child star whose life has been a roller coaster of success and complete chaos.Phil tells him that healing must be done before they can move on as co-parents.

Danny sealed a $500,000 contract as a contributor on the Adam Carolla Radio Show and $280,000 to host "I Know My Kid's a Star." According to the settlement, Gretchen has also been shopping around a reality show called "Relatively Talented" and another show about her band music career. Danny, who was awarded sole ownership of their company Gravel Tones Productions, has been busy developing reality shows with names like "Last Man Standing", "Unsigned Band" and "Royalty Show," where the average American dates a royal.

But it looks as though the "Breaking Bonaduce" star's top professional priority might solve his newly single status.

What do you do when you’re desperate to hold onto your marriage but your spouse wants out? “I would cut off my right arm just to have her sit next to me for five minutes.” Finishing the Emotional Business Danny watches an interview with his soon-to-be ex-wife.

One year later, Danny returns to the show without his wife.

Phil meets with Gretchen to see if a sliver of hope remains for this marriage.

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