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But it never lasted, and even those subjected to the worst of him, always forgave, because he didn't hold a grudge. For instance, when Merle Oberon needed TWA airplane tickets, she called Bautzer. Robert Wagner says, "Greg created an air of success around me." (Before Wagner was a success.) "When Natalie Wood and I married he began to represent her too.

Lana Turner, who built a successful movie career on her first screen appearance as a teen-age "sweater girl," died yesterday. "She just took a breath and she was gone," her daughter, Cheryl Crane, was quoted as saying in Daily Variety, a trade newspaper.

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(One of Bautzer's few failures -- his cross-examination of young Pia Lindstrom, Bergman's daughter, backfired spectacularly.) He was the man who arranged for Robert Evans to head Paramount. His deals were eventually responsible for many classic films. He romanced the great goddesses of the screen, none of whom, in the end, had a really unkind word to say about him.

(Yes, he was that charming.) He had his demons -- drink and an unexpectedly bad temper. When he met, and was infatuated by the actress Dana Wynter, she rebuffed him: "You're terribly nice, but you're the last man I'd ever marry." Bautzer asked, "Why? And you have an appalling reputation." (She was unimpressed by his romantic conquests.) They married, dear reader. For all the power he wielded, he appears not to have held a grudge, had few enemies, and till the end, exerted his fabled charm on women and men alike.

” Turner said she needed to check with her mother and took Wilkerson’s card.

After confirming Wilkerson was indeed a major Hollywood heavyweight, they contacted him and Turner’s ascent to film stardom was instantly set in motion.

In her autobiography, Detour: a Hollywood Tragedy - My Life With Lana Turner, My Mother (1988), Crane discussed the Stompanato killing publicly for the first time and admitted to the stabbing.

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