Who is pam anderson dating now

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The ex-Baywatch beauty opened up about her separation during an appearance on The Ellen De Generes Show yesterday, revealing that she has finally learnt her lesson. The Price is a big animal fan and has loved all the work I've done with animals.

When asked about her split from the 47-year-old after just six months, the blonde beauty, also 47, commented: "Now I’m not married again."Host Ellen, 57, joked: "It's like when you put something back in the fridge that’s not good. When you go in there."Pamela replied: "You're right, you're right. I'm actually going to be a Countess in June."Lady Countess of the Lily or something. I'm sure he would do it for you [Ellen], he did it for me. It was very bizarre."Pamela and Rick originally tied the knot in October 2007 but split just two months later.

They kept up the romance for a little less than a year before calling it quits.

He went on: "Well I mean I like her, she's great," but added: "I'm not going to go into private details."Basically you get people like Pamela Anderson who are independent because they kind of manage their own career…

She can't really be squeezed by, you know, a TV executive."His interview comes after she was also asked about him during an appearance on the ITV daytime show last week."He’s a very important person and history will look back on him and realise how important he is, and Wiki Leaks is very heroic and it’s true news," Pamela stated.

Julian commented: "She's an attractive person with an attractive personality and whip smart…

She's no idiot at all, she's psychologically very savvy."The journalist gushed: "Over the last two years, she has done more to try and get this Australian - me - out of detention without charge, than the culmination of the Governments of Gillard, Rudd, Abbott and Turnbull combined."It should not take Pamela Anderson to do the Australian Government’s job, as capable as she is."However, following his remarks, Julian was asked by hosts Kyle and Jackie O to clarify if he was romantically involved with the actress, 49.

Pam was mum about her comments Friday that her relationship with Rick was devoid of romance, despite writings to the contrary.

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