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Us queers have been on point with our deft analyses and bad ass one liners ever since Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton received their presidential nominations.“I think it’s an epic battle worthy of a new ‘Star Wars’ movie. Are you going to be with the force or are you going to be on the dark side? And the more we can listen and ask the right questions rather than make the other party look bad, it’ll get us farther. While it’s hard to choose just one, her humorous take on the Trump campaign’s repeated gaffes is pretty hilarious:“That is a campaign that is on fire.

Otherwise, it’s like watching your parents fight and get divorced. That’s a campaign on fire that’s sinking into a lake that is also on fire and the fire truck that just showed up to help is on fire and what’s shooting out of its fire hose is more fire.”Remember that time Eileen ran for president in 1992?

Dershowitz suggested that Mueller wasn’t being fair to Trump since he’s using Washington’s jury pool, and the capital has a large demographic of Democrats and racial minorities.

Trump’s scheduled appearance with House Speaker Paul Ryan, who has tepidly embraced the brash businessman.

Former Mexican president Vicente Fox challenged presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to a debate over Trump's controversial policies on immigration.

While Forleo certainly speaks to the reality of the Faber College-esque existence, we can think of other responses to i Mag host Audrey Hasson's question "Are bars and frat parties a bad idea?

" that might caution youngsters to take care with drinking, which by the way isn't legal to be actually doing until they're 21, and to perhaps note that it's a good idea to keep one's wits about oneself to minimize the danger one puts oneself in, including the simple danger of puking all over oneself.

When the singer isn’t spilling tea on Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie‘s divorce, she’s serving up some truth bombs on how our country managed to nominate a former reality TV star for president and what the silver lining is in all of this madness.

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