Who is sara foster dating

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Erin is a real person who dated real women and those women are now being referred to as part of a phase.

Sisters Erin and Sara Foster, daughters of Grammy-winning music producer David Foster and step-siblings to kids with last names like Jenner and Hadid, are well aware of their fame-adjacent status.

Hundreds of reality shows have made their way onto our television screens over the years, documenting everything from home improvement to the drama-filled lives of petty housewives.

The genre has come so far that it's even being spoofed, which is exactly what Erin and Sara Foster have done with their hit VH1 show, .

It’s scripted to be farcical and Sara’s personality is shown as a likable but narcissistic, and Erin is portrayed as the more down-to-earth one, looking for love and happiness in Hollywood. Sara takes this as an opportunity to persuade her sister back into lesbianism. She also wants to invite Jensen, her non-BF, to the impromptu lesbian party Sara is throwing. Whether or not she identified as a lesbian when she was dating women is unknown, but typically, these kind of “I thought you were gay!

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