Who is toni braxton mom dating

by  |  20-Oct-2019 11:51

He is a nice man.” She goes on to joke, “He is full of respek. #Birman is all the way BOO'd up with #Toni Braxton in public...

The lovebirds were most recently spotted boo’d up and holding hands in the rapper’s hometown of New Orleans, as captured by It's official....

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Toni Braxton and Birdman made their first appearance as a couple Sunday.

The Braxtons don’t talk much about their dad on the show but it’s because there’s still a lot of pain behind how their parents split.

Papa Braxton, despite being a preacher, had a woman on the side while fronting like he was the perfect family man.

Celebs like the Kardashian family, Toni Braxton, Jessica Simpson, and many, many more are directly affected by the fires, which as of Saturday evening had burned more than 500 acres in and around the affluent city.

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