Wrestlers dating real life

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However, their characters would be separated, reunited, and then married at As part of a 1999 storyline, Triple H married Stephanie Mc Mahon while she was passed out from her bachelorette party in Las Vegas.

Yet as the two worked together on-camera, fantasy became reality. Now, both behind the scenes and on The Bulgarian Brute and the Ravishing Russian were put together back in WWE developmental, but stayed together ever since.

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Jimmy, along with brother Jey, forms one of the better tag teams in the WWE.

They have held tag team gold a couple of times in the company.

As of May 2017, here are all of the WWE superstars who are in relationships with other WWE employees.

Probably the most high-profile WWE relationship is the one between John Cena and Nikki Bella.

Regardless if or how these relationships ended, they were entertaining... Take a peek at some of the best pro wrestler couples who dated in real life.

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