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It was exciting emotional territory for a guy to have that," says Maron of relating to Sam, who despite being a coke-addled director with a big ego ultimately becomes a mentor and champion to the women, especially Ruth, by season's end. But I got the script and I thought, “I know this guy, I can play this guy.” A swaggering, coke-addled, mid-level director who thinks he’s a genius.It's that one-step-forward, two-steps-back mentality that attracted Maron, a comedian and host of the hit podcast , to the role: After surprising viewers, and Ruth, by showing up for her when she decided to have an abortion, he later pulls a disappearing act when one of his wrestlers confesses that she is his biological daughter. He’s an arrogant guy that thinks he might not have gotten his due and doesn’t realize that he might not be that good at what he does. I’ve never really had that before because my experience as an actor is limited to playing a version of myself on my own show, and a couple of roles here and there. There are other male roles — including Bash (Chris Lowell), the deep-pocketed Hollywood producer who finances the series, and Mark (Rich Sommer), the guy who comes between the show's two stars, Ruth Wilder and Debbie Egan (played by Alison Brie and Betty Gilpin, respectively) — but Sam has the unique task of often being outnumbered by the starring women on the show. What drew you to the part of Sam and in what ways could you relate?

‘Mr Zia admits that Individual A attended the tuition sessions and gave pupil practical instruction in wrestling.

‘This included close physical contact between Individual A and pupils such as sitting on top of Individual A.

But that wasn't the end of the tiff as Rylan could be seeing jumping on top of Ruth and wrestling her.

Rylan is known for his diva moments on the show, he previously stormed off the set after Ruth called him "Ryan".

A maths teacher who ran secret wrestling sessions with students at weekends has been sacked.

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