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I mean when we change the default UI, we do it because we are looking for functionality we didn’t get in the default UI, but to some extent we want it to look better right?

As you can see from my basic setup, I have my HUD in the center of my screen. I have my runes and combo points located under my character.

Put this in your nagios config: define command Assuming that $USER1$ contains the path to the plugin, $USER10$ the username and $USER11$ the password for the management controller. Hint: All management controllers have their own host definition in my nagios setup.

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I like minimalist designs that provide me with tons of tools, designs that leave the majority of the screen real estate for me to actually see the game.

If I wanted to see a ton of text describing the action, I’d play Zork.

This lets me keep an eye on how all my proc based buffs are stacking up, but these are buffs I can’t control but allow me to make important decisions especially if I have to execute a major move that increases in power if those proc based buffs .

To the top right I have my standard buffs and debuffs.

Having all the information I need on-screen and placing somewhere easily visible (but without causing unnecessary clutter) helps a lot with my awareness and reaction times.

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